Reusable packaging solutions for §33.

We take care of all your needs for the 2023 reusable packaging legislation.

Get ready for 2023

Circular packaging

Designed to be reused unlimited times, after each use the NEU packaging is recovered, reprocessed, and reused for a new product.
The most sustainable packaging is the one that never becomes waste.

Compatible with Reverse Vending Machines

All our containers work with Reverse Vending Machines, offering the most convenient way to return containers without involving manual operations. We partner with Tomra® to guarantee maximum compatibility.

Packaging as a Service

A real all-inclusive service, including the usage, delivery, washing and recollection of used containers across Germany.

Smart operations

We track every container to offer the most granular analytics, followng each container along its lifecycle. We are also able to detect frauds, create forecasts and much more.

Zero complexity

Focus on your product, leave the complexity to us. We offer an all-included service, personalized to your operations. Get in touch today and get ready for 2023.

Your circular packaging in three steps

Get ready for 2023 and VerpackungG §33.

We offer an entire category of reusable packaging for every use case, highly compatible with reverse vending machines to simplify and automatize the return operations.


We design together a project planning for the introduction of reusable packaging and cups and integrate with your operations.

Ready for 2023

Thanks to an extensive collaboration with partners we are able to deploy a full-scale operation across all of Germany, in time for the 2023 legal requirements.

Ready to get zero waste?

Upgrade your package and become zero waste.